Rococo Nail Polish Rack Display Frame *new Style*


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Rococo nail polish rack display frame *new style* ..
To complement our classic Baroque style we now have this romantic new Rococco style display moulding which is even more so ornate & elegant  and is available in many sizes & colours.
This particular size is our smallest & will house 55 bottles comfortably (excpet The Gel Bottle – see seperate listing for this)
shelf height 8.6cms
shelf depth 4cms
The lovley colour is Antique silver but if you would like a complely different colour then please do drop us an email. Available up to 2 metres wide in width.
All our display frames are custom made to order so available in many different styles and colures by request so please do enquire  – we are a bit like a picture framers with many style/color framing options available
If you have any ideas of your own about what style/size  you would like then do get in touch, we are always available to work with you and offer design advice and suggestions. We always love to see photos of where our product will be hung so if you want to send us some photos to help with colour matching etc. that would be very useful.
 Take a look at our *customer salon* section for different salon styles and inspiration on colour/sizes available to you.
 Please bear in mind these are all handmade display cabinets and as such are made to order, as such  all our products take approximately 2-4 weeks which depends on the size and design  but this is not a guaranty especially during busy periods, however we love to work with our customers if they have a launch date or a new opening so please do ask when ordering, drop us an email here with as much notice as possible we can help.

Although your display will arrive with heavy duty mirror hooks to enable you to hang them Chicybee strongly recommends that a professional who has experience of fitting such items should install our display products. Some of our products are quite heavy and for those products which display or store additional items, become heavier and your safety is dependent on the construction/strength of the wall to which it is attached. Prior to drilling, ensure to check for any piping and electrical cables. As mounting surfaces vary, ensure that adequate fixings are used.
Rococo nail polish rack display frame *new style*


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