Nail Polish Wall Rack Classic Salon Damask


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NAIL POLISH VARNISH DISPLAY STAND WALL HANGING – SHELAC,GEL NAIL OPI …lovely size for your bedroom and a unique and stylish gift..
VERY GLAM FRENCH STYLE `BAROQUE` SHABBY CHIC DISPLAY FRAME WITH a glossy black frame and shelves and a classic Damask luxury wallpaper. This stunning and unique case has also had silver leaf added to the ornate applique to highlight the details – a very glam look.
 shelf height  8.4
 VERY STYLISH DESIGN – holds around 55 + gel nail size bottles.
If you have any ideas of your own about what style you would like then please feel free to get in touch, we are always available to work with you and offer design advice and suggestions. We always love to see photos of where our product will be hung so if you want to send us some photos to help with colour matching etc. that would be very useful. If you take a look at our *customer salon* section for previous custom orders,it will show you different salon styles and offer inspiration on colour/sizes available to you.
*Please bear in mind these are all handmade display cabinets and they are mostly made to order. This can take up to three weeks but if we have some already made up then it will be dispatched sooner. If you have an opening or a launch date to meet then we can normally accommodate this so please do ask. Delivery is FREE and always track able and a next day service post completion and we are also able to offer weekend delivery (for an extra cost)*
NB the contents on the display frames are not included and just for advertising purposes…Nail Polish Wall Rack Damask


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