Nail Polish Display Frame Pewter Silver Glitter Large Size


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Large size portrait pewter silver display frame. .
This stunning frame is a lovely shade of silver and more of an antique colour. Its not quite as glossy as our other silver frames and is a darker shade. The corners have a fine silver glitter added to add some glamour and sparkle and highlight the intricate detailing. The whole display is finished  with a luxury wallpaper backing which is also a very stylish pewter silver and makes a lovely backdrop.
This size holds approx. 98 bottles.
Dimensions of the outside of the frame
91cms x 65cms
shelf height 8.9cms
shelf depth 4cms
This stunning  frame will make a striking and stylish feature on your wall and is a great space saving idea to store your polish with style – no more nasty plastic stands.
If you have any ideas of your own about what style you would like then please feel free to get in touch, we are always available to work with you and offer design advice and suggestions. We always love to see photos of where our product will be hung so if you want to send us some photos to help with colour matching etc. that would be very useful. If you take a look at our *customer salon* section for previous custom orders,it will show you different salon styles and offer inspiration on colour/sizes available to you
All our cabinets arrive to you ready to hang on the wall with the correct fixings for the size, you just need to supply the screws.We don't supply them as its hard to gauge what your wall is made of ie: brick or plaster so you will need somebody to make sure the right screws are fixed properly to hold the weight. The weight for a cabinet this size is not that heavy but once you have filled it with items obviously the weight will increase and you need to ensure it is hung safely.
NB The price is for ONE FRAME only and  the contents on the display frames are not included and just for advertising purposesnail polish display frame pewter silver large size


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