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At Chicybee®, we offer unique and modern product display solutions, primarily for the beauty industry - but not exclusively. All our products are handmade by Chicybee and we offer a complete personalized service.


Our display frames are crafted from wood, prepared, painted & decorated and offer an alternative idea to mass produced acrylic display stands. They are also a great way of utilizing shop space whilst creating a stylish and beautiful focal point. They can be completely adapted for your needs and are designed for many products such as the following:


nail polish
hair and beauty products
Makeup storage
Retail display
Gift boxes
Aromatherapy products
Tattoo inks
Baking products
Kitchen herbs and spices
Shot glasses
Decorative ornaments
Jewelry storage
& much more


Chicybee® designer Bridget is a trained picture framer and her creativity and design ideas stem from her knowledge of picture framing, furniture painting & the love of handmade artistry. If you have any design ideas we can create for you then please discuss with us. We love to hear  new ideas and relish the challenge of designing a unique style or product.


Chicybee® products are designed and created in our Somerset workshop  and we offer a local service if you would like us to visit your business and discuss design options. We offer international shipping so please do contact us with your shipping enquiries.